Find Time to Make Your Morning Ritual Truly Yours: More Time Tips

Finding time for a special morning ritual needn’t be a rare event. You can enjoy a meaningful ritual every morning. Since your time is limited, of course, you’ll want to make every minute of it count!

So, let’s focus on you. What would make this ritual most meaningful for you personally?

The following sentence completion exercise will help you identify your individual needs and preferences. Then, you can create a morning ritual that enriches you in any number of ways:

Your morning ritual will help you approach your day as a special opportunity, even if you wake up feeling glum.

 “My day always goes better when I start it by ________.”

Consider trying some time-honored favorites like allowing unedited thoughts to take shape as you journal, flowing with T’ai Chi, connecting with your animal companion, or reading something uplifting.

Your morning ritual will help you journey from fast asleep to wide awake.

“The hardest thing about getting up is ________.”

Your transition ritual might include programming delightful music to coax you out of bed, energizing stretches, your favorite dance video, or inhaling the fragrance of a cup of coffee or tea.

Your morning ritual will add fresh colors to your day.

“I would like to balance out my day with ________.”

For example, if your day is spent in front of a computer screen, consider scheduling in a physical activity for your morning ritual.  Make it something you genuinely look forward to that leaves you with a glow. The best rituals center on fulfillment, not obligation, so don’t plan on working up to 200 sit-ups unless that genuinely sounds like a dream come true!

Your morning ritual will send you prepared into your day.

“If I had 10 more minutes in the morning, I’d use it to ________.”

Pastimes like fine-tuning your To-Do list, pre-assembling a tasty meal for supper, or progressing with a home project can each help ground and center you. Can you find those ten minutes somewhere? Anywhere? Good! Try incorporating just one activity and see how it adds to your day.

Undecided about what matters most? Imagine the morning ritual you feel the strongest motivation to stay with. Your success at keeping with it will provide you with yet another source of pleasure.

What a great way to begin — exercising your power of choice, brightening your day and strengthening your self-trust! Each of these build self-esteem and help you make better time choices throughout the day.

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