Find Time to Manage Multiple Priorities

JugglerMultiple priorities are often a fact of life. And finding time when you’ve got lots of balls in the air can be a big challenge, can’t it?

At times, you can feel so busy that you don’t know where to begin.

Multiple priorities 101…

It has been that kind of a week here at The Time Finder!  I’ve been doing the final preparation for my Twitter Trap Teleclass next Wednesday with my friend and colleague Heather Dominick, along with putting next week’s Finding Time E-zine to bed, blogging, adding the finishing touches to a new product and bonuses, seeing my coaching clients, appreciating some beautiful September days, and just living life!

When you are managing multiple time priorities you are definitely going to feel busy – but the process doesn’t have to feel overwhelming.  One of the keys, for me, is to pause from time to time and get my bearings.

Yes, a brief pause almost always helps.

As I become distracted by multiple pressing tasks, I use those pauses to briefly relax, re-prioritize, and refocus! Each pause is a touchstone with myself, offering some quick “refreshment” and an opportunity to re-establish clarity and make a new beginning.

With each pause I assess my time boundaries and shore them up, if I need to.

  • Will it help to use a timer?
  • Are there things distracting me that I need to pay brief attention to in order to be able to fully set them aside?
  • Do I need to find time to clean up and re-prioritize my to do list?

Finding time up front to get organized, and then taking time to assess along the way will help you a lot as you juggle your multiple priorities. Try it – and then please drop me a line, I’d love to hear how it works for you!

And this helps, too…

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Let’s explore time together …


  1. Great message! I user a timer frequently and I also recommend them to clients. I really like the second and third questions and plan to start using them myself!

  2. Hi Janice – Aren’t timers great? I find that having a clear timeframe really helps with maintaining focus. And question #2 is one that can be especially useful when something’s got me snagged! Thanks for stopping by!

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