Find Time to Move Ahead by Knowing You Can Stop When You Need To!

Finding time and mastering time challenges brings you a marvelous feeling of relief!  Sometimes, it’s like applying the brakes to a car rushing downhill. Other times, it’s finally revving up the engine and taking off.  You can feel comfortable, and even excited, about moving ahead. Why? Because now you know you’ll be able to stop when you need to.

The Power of No

Perhaps you’ve heard the expression, “You can’t say yes unless you can say no.” Clearing the space to affirmatively move ahead on a goal is often a matter of eliminating something else. It might not be forever, but at least for the moment. You can explore this further by checking out Tuesday’s post.

Interestingly, the fear of not being able to proactively say no and establish meaningful time boundaries can also lead to the more passive “No” that is procrastination.  Indeed, putting off an important project may reflect a fear that succeeding on time will create a whole new set of problems for you.

These patterns often begin in early childhood. Maybe you once feared the consequences of saying “No” to your parents’ demands. Or maybe you were afraid that success would bring increased expectations and challenges. Dragging your heels was an effective stalling tactic back then. But now, procrastination has turned into a cage that holds you captive.

Now is Different!

It’s so important to remind ourselves of this fact … and fully experience the good news this can be. Try taking a moment, right now, to give yourself a friendly, adult affirmation.  You now possess the power to select exactly how to use your growing competence. You can match new skills with a new level of selectivity, so that you never have to fear that success will rope you into a life you don’t want. This assertive skill helps you live by your deepest beliefs!

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And here’s some other exciting Finding Time news! I was so pleased, recently, to be interviewed by a reporter from our local newspaper, the Monadnock Ledger-Transcript! The article, by Jonathan Gourlay, is titled “In a Busy World, She’s Making Every Minute Count.” Enjoy!

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