Find Time to Move Through Fear

Finding time is not just a matter of time management.  That’s an odd thing for a time management coach to say, but it’s true … and important.

Finding time is a matter of energy management, too.  If you neglect this vital piece, you will not be finding time; you’ll just be working harder and faster, but feeling depleted and less and less productive.

One of the biggest energy drains that we all experience is F-E-A-R.  This debilitating, initiative-sapping emotion is something that we all experience.  It can be blindingly big, or insidious.  Either way, it keeps you from accessing your full potential and from using your time as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Move through fear.

The other day at I read a good article titled I’m Scared.  It’s by Solo-E Expert Suzanne Evans, and in this piece she notes:

The truth is:

If you are afraid — you have company.

The prescription is:

Do it anyway.

This is simple, and quite profound.

It certainly helps to know that fear is a very common human emotion.  How it manifests may be individual; but the emotion is universal.  You can expect it.

Fear won’t go away.

And what you should NOT expect is that you will be able to rid your life of fear.

No, what successful people do is recognize the fear and move through it.  Fear is debilitating … even paralyzing.  Your choices are to let it stop you in your tracks or to do the following:

  • Call it what it is – first and foremost.  Don’t let it keep whispering or shouting and diverting your energy into worry and spinning anxieties.
  • Assess it.  Ask yourself, “Is there really something here to be afraid of?  If your Inner Adult voice tells you yes, then you need to respect this.
  • Take action.  Nine times out of ten, our fears are echoes of things that are no longer operative in our lives.  So nine times out of ten, as Suzanne Evans advises, you need to “just do it.”

The more quickly you can name, assess, and then act on whatever is scaring you, the less time and energy these fears will eat up.  It’s a pretty simple equation … and you will be amazed at the difference it can make in your life.

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