Find Time to Move Your Body No Matter What!

When you move your body you give yourself a gift. It’s that simple.

So, find time for a little exercise every day – it’s really important, and it’s been my mantra for quite some time now!

Move your body just a little.

You may think it’s a tall order, but note that I said “a little exercise”! That’s because it’s much more important to do something, and do it frequently – then to exercise strenuously and well, but only every once in a while.  Not only is that less helpful for your fitness over the long haul, but it also sets you up for possible injury.

But how do you find time to work exercise into your busiest days?  And what if you’re sick, or over-tired,or away from home, or just don’t feel like it?  It can certainly be a challenge, I know.  But for starters, making movement a priority AND being mindful of even your smallest choices can really, really help!

For example:

  • What if you park at the far end, rather than the near side of the parking lot?
  • What if you walked back upstairs when you forget your glasses, rather than asking your partner to bring them down to you?
  • How about walking to the grocery store for the half gallon of milk, rather than hopping into the car?

A lot of the efficiencies that we undertake in our lives are geared towards saving us steps. I’m suggesting that you flip that over for yourself, especially when you don’t have time to go to a gym or do some other form of planned exercise.

Your body will thank you!

Instead of saving yourself some steps, try adding a few.

This will get your energy moving, and I guarantee you’ll find it refreshing.

Time choices like these can have the added advantage of diminishing your carbon footprint (less time in the car), modeling helpful behaviors for others in your life, and gaining you some quiet time (those walks to the store) to boot.  Even very small increments of time spent exercising present you with lots of bonuses, as you can see!

Of course it’s great to get out for a longer walk or run or bike ride — or to join the Pilates class, or practice yoga, you name it! These things are wonderful and I heartily encourage them.

BUT … even on a day when your schedule is “too full” or you don’t feel quite up to it, you can still work some movement into your moments. Try it!  And let me know how it goes – I’d love to hear!

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