Find Time to Nourish Your Way Through Your Transitions

Springtime is a time of transition, and finding time to support yourself as you go through your life transitions is a time management skill that is key to maintaining your energy, productivity, and perspective … no matter what!  The reality is that your schedule is already busy with relationships, work, and the logistics of daily living. And then there are times when you are faced with a major life transition.

What are major life transitions?  This may vary from person to person, depending on your values, cultural norms, etc.  So, for starters, it’s helpful to think about how YOU define a life transition. Starting or ending primary relationships, having a child, moving to new surroundings, and changing jobs are likely to be major life transitions for anyone who undergoes them. Other life events may also affect you profoundly. What is unique to you is how you experience such events and how you find the time to meet your personal needs.

To get yourself familiar with your own relationship to your transitions, take any example of an event that is a life transition. Set aside 15 minutes once or twice a week to think about it. During your 15 minutes of reflection, write down the support you will need and the changes you will need to make to find the time to successfully navigate this transition.

This is a process of developing and deepening your intimacy with yourself; and you may discover things that surprise you.  That’s because transitions are times of great opportunity and also great vulnerability.  Think of yourself as a new seedling, germinating and pushing its way up through the ground.  A fundamental change is taking place – and your task is to befriend yourself, help yourself, nurture yourself, as you come through!

So, welcome the information that you glean from your inner dialogue, and follow-through on giving yourself what you need.  In this way you build self-trust.  You come to know, right down to your toes, that you will be there for yourself, no matter what!

Your life transitions often involve other people, too.  So stay tuned.  We’ll continue and expand on this next week, as we explore more of the in’s and out’s of finding time to nourish yourself through your transitions!

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