Find Time to Prepare, Adjust and Carry On When Life Throws You a Curve

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Finding time to deal with the curve balls that sometimes come our way is one of the biggest time management challenges you ever face.  Hurricane Irene gave many people in the eastern part of the US a good opportunity to prepare, adjust and carry on this past weekend.

How did you fare?  I hope you and yours are safe, as you read this … and any storm damage you suffered was minimal at most.

From a time management perspective we were lucky that Irene was a relatively slow-moving storm.  As she moved up the Atlantic coast this weekend, it was possible to pretty well predict where she was headed – leaving those in her path time to get ready.

Even when you are expecting a storm, though, it disrupts your plans and you likely have to replace your usual tasks with storm-related activities.  In addition, you can’t know specific details of the storm’s impact ahead of time.  Will you lose power?  Will trees come down?  How will friends and family be affected?

It’s a humbling life experience, being confronted with the power of nature.  I would add that it can be grounding, as well.

Big life events like Hurricane Irene remind us that the power we ultimately hold is very much rooted in ourselves.  We cannot control the path of the storm, the wind speed, or the rainfall.  But what we can do is prepare, adjust and carry on.

Don’t underestimate how empowering it is to take in that fact.  When you thoroughly understand this, right to your very core, you don’t waste time and energy trying to change what you cannot.  Instead, you can put your energy toward flexing where you need to … and you’ll be that much better equipped to adjust and carry on once the storm (whatever form it takes) has passed.

This powerful lesson can change your perspective and move you ahead, perhaps in unexpected ways.  And let me know what you discover – I’d love to hear!

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