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I received a wonderful question from a reader of The Time Finder last week, and I’ve been looking forward to answering it here ever since!

Mutuo Mbilla is an article writer, and she asked about the following quandary — one that confronts many of us in our writing work:


Thanks for your great tips on time finding. I have a question for you, which I struggle with almost every week. I am a writer, and as a writer, I need creative energy. I have noticed though, that after putting lots of creative energy in, I am drained and on some days, just can’t work myself into putting down a single creative line. Sometimes this can happen for two days in a row. Is this bad? Of course it means I don’t get to achieve all my goals, but I am not sure whether its good or bad, and if I should stop it, how I should go about it.


Mutuo Mbilla

The first piece of advice that I have for you, Mutuo, is to try to not think about these things as either good or bad. It’s normal to feel drained after spending a lot of creative energy. The key is not to be critical of yourself, but to find solutions — because that kind of self-judgment will just slow you down and also eat up even more of your energy!

Second, I would suggest that you build into your writing schedule a number of regular, small breaks. Step away from your desk and do something to relax your mind and also let your body and your energy move.

Using a timer may be very helpful for you in giving yourself breaks. Especially when one gets on a creative “roll” it can be tempting to keep going – ignoring breaks as you try to ride the creative wave.  This is often the beginning of the path to the kind of exhaustion that you describe. So try to discipline yourself to take your scheduled, small breaks no matter what.  This will sustain you for the long haul!

You mentioned your goals in your question. My third piece of advice is to take a look at your goals and see whether they are truly realistic. Are there ways that you could make them more flexible for yourself, so that you can take into account your energy levels? It’s okay to back off from time to time. Small chances to refresh yourself will enhance your creative energy over the long term.

I hope you find this helpful, and would love to hear how it goes for you. Have you tried any of these ideas already? Maybe it’s time to take another look at them. Best of luck to you in your creative endeavors, Mutuo!

Other Time Finder readers … do you have suggestions for Mutuo … we’d love to hear!

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