Find Time to Reclaim Your Energy by De-Cluttering!

Finding time to de-clutter, whether it’s your overflowing desk, your bursting files and closets, or your too-full in-box, is a surefire way to access more energy for yourself.

How does clutter affect your time and your energy? Well, from my own experience, I can attest to the fact that clutter slows me down, and definitely adds to my stress level.  Here are a few energy and time-draining facets of clutter that spring to mind:

  • When your space is cluttered, you often have to take an extra moment or two (at the very least) to find what you’re looking for.
  • It’s hard to know where to start when you’re in a chaotic space – meaning more lost time and more stress.
  • It’s just harder to get around when there are piles of “stuff” to contend with.
  • When your space is cluttered it’s easier to lose things … and to worry about losing things.
  • There’s stress in not knowing exactly what is there.  Is there something key that you are missing because it is at the bottom of a pile?

Do you resonate to this list? As you can see, the down-side of clutter is huge – and its effects are far-reaching.  You may not be aware of the low-level stress that you live with, but rest assured that it hobbles your creative efforts and your productivity.

That’s why I am really hoping that you will join me in my Finding Time EducationRich & HeartBased Interview Teleseries tomorrow!  I’ll be interviewing Certified Life Coach and Professional Organizer Maggie McCauley, LICSW about moving yourself “From Chaos to Peace—Creating an Inspired Workspace.”

Maggie will be talking about exactly this topic – and giving you the secrets to stop letting chaos and clutter drain your time and energy, sap your creativity, and cost you money!

When is it again? Tomorrow … Wednesday, March 3 at 7PM ET.

Where? From the comfort of your cozy home!

Be sure to grab your free seat here: to join us!  Imagine how you’ll fly once you’re unshackled from chaos and clutter. Picture what you’ll accomplish once you create the space for your inspiration to soar!

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Let’s explore time together …

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