Find Time to Reflect After the Holiday

I hope your holiday was a nice one and you were able to find some moments of strong time as the day unfolded, and time to reflect when it was all said and done.

How do you feel after a much-anticipated event has passed by?  Do you have a feeling of satisfaction? Fulfillment?  Gratitude?

Christmas ExhaustionAre you exhausted and left wondering what just happened?  Do you feel let down?  Depressed?

Having feelings is normal.

People often feel a whole range of feelings around the holidays.  They can be very heavily weighted, as memories, hopes, and expectations frequently converge powerfully in that span of hours.

Today you have a wonderful opportunity to find some time to reflect on your holiday and learn from your experiences!  Where did things go well?  Where might you want to tweak your plans for next year?  Are there activities or aspects of the holiday time that you especially enjoy? Conversely, are there things that you find especially difficult?  Did you give yourself some alone time?  How did that work for you?

Compassion is your key…

It’s very important to do this with an open and compassionate heart.  The more open and non-judgmental your dialogue with yourself can be, the more information you’ll share with yourself!  This isn’t about assessing or judging … it is about learning more about yourself so that your experience of your moments can be richer and deeper.

You may find it helpful to create a file for storing your thoughts and insights, so that come next year (or the next holiday), you’ll be able to access them.  Build on what you learn, so that your holiday preparations and celebrations go more smoothly, and feel more meaningful, for you.

Here’s to your post-holiday reflections!  I hope you find the time to give yourself that gift – and I’d love to hear how it goes for you!

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