Find Time to Reflect and Recharge – How Has 2011 Been Going for You So Far?

When you find time to reflect during times of transition, you give yourself an energizing gift.

That’s because making the most of your time, and of transition times in particular, is a great skill to develop and hone.  The beginning of a new year offers us a wonderful “moment” to do this, as we are generally very much aware that we are in transition.

The reality is, however, that we are in transition all the time.  The more that we can accept (and even embrace) the fact that change is constant – the more we can harness the power of transitions for ourselves.

Power of transitions?


Any transition time, such as the end of a month, offers the opportunity to find time to reflect and recharge.  If we choose to, we can give ourselves this important gift by taking the time to make a conscious transition.  How?

Well, first look back over the past month.  Relax and look, without filter or judgment, at whatever bubbles up about that time. Scanning the vista, you’ll see:

  • Events,
  • New tasks taken on,
  • Tasks completed,
  • Anything that stands out.

Then, take a look at your calendar and To Do List to refresh your memory.  If you keep a journal, it would be helpful to page through that as well.  The goal is to give yourself a good sense of the terrain of the past month.

Find time to reflect:

Now that you can see the terrain, it’s time to survey the landscape more closely.  Here’s where you ask yourself 3 Questions to Help You Reflect and Recharge:

  • What did I accomplish this month?  (Make a list and CELEBRATE it!)
  • What did I learn this month … and how will I use it next month?
  • What is one thing from this month that I am going to let go of next month?  (At the end of the coming month, you’ll want to review this and see how you did.)

You may want to add to this list of questions, but it makes for a great start.

Make an empowered new beginning.

What I love about the process is that it sends you into your new month feeling positive, validated, and actually LIGHTER, because you are looking at what you can let go of.

Do this BEFORE you ask yourself about things you want to accomplish or focus on in the coming month.  You work hard and have no lack of tasks and projects.  So how about lightening your load, at least by a factor of one, as you step into February?

Give yourself the gift of some time, over the next 3 days to reflect and recharge … and please drop me a line to let me know how it’s going for you – I’d love to hear!

And for more help…

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