Find Time to Refresh Your Tweeting!

twitterFinding time to keep Twitter fresh and interesting, both for you and for your tweeple, can be a challenge.  Do you find it so?

As with any task that is performed repeatedly, keeping yourself inventive and engaged will enhance everyone’s experience, including your own. But how can you do that?

Well, for starters, I found an interesting post on TwiTip by Karl Staib of Work Happy Now.  He shares “14 Ways to Fight Twitter Burnout” and notes the importance of creativity and listening, among other things.

Sharing interesting quotations is always a good way to keep your Twitter stream going.  If you use any of the Twitter services like SocialOomph, scheduling quotations that relate to your niche is an excellent way to keep your hand in, while freeing you up to do other things.

That being said, Twitter is first and foremost about relating, so scheduled tweets should be no more than a base.  It’s the interactive part of Twitter that is most meaningful AND most refreshing!

Posting questions can be a great way to get conversations started. Don’t be shy about asking questions about subjects that have you stymied, either.  My VA has gotten some excellent technical help by putting out specific questions in her Twitter stream!

Two other pieces of advice that I found especially helpful were:

Take a Break and Recharge … There will be some days when you just don’t feel like typing even a tweet. Then take a break and just let everyone else tweet their hearts out.

People Will Unfollow You … Don’t take it personally.

Stepping back and maintaining your perspective are very important, whether it be with Twitter or with life! Small breaks allow you to breathe and come back to your work (whatever it may be) refreshed.  And those small breaks from Twitter, in particular, can also help you to remember that the Twitterverse is a big, wide, fluid, ever-changing world.  As often as people unfollow you, new people hop on board.  Things are in constant flux – and that is okay.

Find time to breathe and enjoy the journey!

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