Find Time to Revisit June's Top 5 Time Finder Favorites

ReadingFinding time to review the Time Finder posts that readers were most drawn to in the past month always offers me useful and interesting information about common interests and common time challenges.  I love sharing them with you, too!

What were the most-visited posts in June?

Topping the list was a post from April titled Find Time by Planning Your Time Realistically.  Time planning is a perennial challenge, and this post (also a top vote-getter in May) offers good, sound advice …

Once you know how much time an activity takes, I suggest adding in some extra time for each activity right up front, as you plan your day. This builds in a “cushion” for dealing with the unexpected. It also helps relieve you of one source of stress – the stress associated with “falling behind.”

Finding Time and Success with Small Steps was second on your list and reinforces the importance of celebrating increments as you keep your eyes on the prize!

Learning to truly value each and every step anchors you in the moment. It can help relieve some of the pressure to “get there” that our excitement and enthusiasm about our big goals can sometimes exert.

Next on the list we have Find Time to Manage Your E-Mail-5 Tips – a post that addresses a perennial challenge for most of us!

Fourth comes an blog post about an interesting dilemma – how to Find Time When You Have Time – 3 Tips for Making Conscious Time Choices.  This is an especially timely post as we enter July!

Finding time when time is short can obviously be a big challenge. However, it can also be a challenge to use time efficiently when you have plenty of it. Indeed, have you ever noticed that when you move into a period of vacation time you are sometimes at loose ends?

Last, but by no means least, readers’ interest in creating and managing time boundaries continues to be strong … as evidenced by your frequent visits to our post titled Find Time by Communicating Your Time Boundaries Clearly.  Here we explored some tips for telling people about your boundaries in ways that are likely to help get you the results you’d like.

While good, clear communication can’t guarantee cooperation, describing your boundary up front and in a friendly, clear, and self referenced way should help you enlist others’ support.

Did you have other Time Finder posts that you found especially helpful in June?  Are there time management challenges you’d like to hear more about?  Drop me a line – I’d love to know!

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