Find Time to Ring in the New

Finding time to welcome newness into our lives can be a wonderfully expansive, deepening, and, yes, renewing experience.

Our entire culture celebrates the coming of a new year with reflections on the previous 365 days and then with hopes, plans and resolutions for the coming year.  This year the transition feels even more momentous because we are marking the end of one decade and the beginning of another.

While these benchmarks and touchstones are, in some sense, manufactured (Have you noticed the cottage industry in “Best of the Decade” lists?), they also provide us with wonderful opportunities to pause, get our bearings, think about our values and priorities, and make new beginnings.

And what I’d like to remind you of today is that we each have the capacity to do that … to pause, get our bearings, think about our priorities, and make a new beginning any time that we want to.  We needn’t wait for the passing of a year, or a decade.

Each morning, we could choose to enter the day in that way.  Or each night as we go to bed.  Or every Saturday afternoon. 

It’s in each of our hands to live as deeply and as consciously as we want to. We don’t have to wait ’til New Year’s rolls around, or the next blue moon!

So here’s to ringing in the new, whenever our spirits move us to renew our energies and commitments.  Do you have rituals of reflection and rejuvenation in your life?  Would you like to include them in your repertoire in the coming year?  Why not begin today?  And let me know how it goes – I’d love to hear!

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