Find Time to Savor May's Time Finder Favorites … One Last Time

Finding time to reprise the most-read Time Finder posts of the past month is a great way to pause and reflect while welcoming in the brand new month of June!

It’s also another way to repurpose material that you’ve created, as you provide links to previous posts and people have the opportunity to revisit them.

So, what did you especially resonate to on The Time Finder this past month?

Was it Find Time to Go Green With Your Info Products, Too?  This post generated a lot of buzz – and we hope you found it useful in your work to optimize your time and effort.  Check it out – and add your comment – I’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject!

Number two on our list of Time Finder favorites was a post about what you can learn when you listen to yourself.  Titled Find Time to Stop and Really Listen to What You Tell Yourself About Your Time … this is a reminder that you have all the information you need, right inside.  Are you finding time to tap into it?

Three time tips about flexibility came in at number three on our list.  Have you read Find Time to Get to Your Goals the Flexible Way-3 Time Tips! yet?  There are some gems here that you’ll be able to put to use today!

Finally, coming in 4th and 5th with lots of hits were these last two posts:

Is your favorite on this list?  If not, let me know which post it was … I’d love to hear so I can best serve you!

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Let’s explore time together …

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