Find Time to Savor the Holidays by Remembering the Milk on Cyber Monday!

Finding time to pause, breathe, and be fully present during the holidays is a challenge that can be met, in part, by using lists effectively. With lots to do and lots to remember, getting things written down can free you up to savor your special moments, even as you juggle multiple tasks.

Remember the Milk is a web-based platform for managing lists that offers a very flexible and accessible way to keep track of your tasks, appointments, shopping lists … you name it!  Have you checked it out?

Using Remember the Milk (RTM for short) you can create multiple lists, tracking the tasks and items on each of them separately. You can set up reminders and tell RTM to contact you via e-mail, on your cell phone … even via a tweet!  Not only that, but you can add tasks pretty much from anywhere.

Oh, and RTM will interface with online calendars – like Google calendar – so that your tasks appear there, too.  You can also share your lists … should you need to remind someone else of a commitment or chore.

When you are juggling lots of tasks and multiple priorities, it can be SO helpful to have one place where you can manage them all. Having this tool available on the web means that you no longer have to worry about leaving your shopping list on your desk at home, or forgetting your to do list when you leave work for the day. It’s always available, no matter where you are.

While it’s a great way to boost efficiency, I think that the really big plus about a tool like Remember the Milk is that, as you add things to your list, you can let go of trying to remember them. This frees you up to relax, focus, and be in the moment.

As a stress reliever, RTM works well any time of year.  But it’s especially helpful during busy seasons like the holidays. Being able to let go of tasks, knowing that they’re on your list, enables you to shepherd your energy and be fully present to the special times that this season holds.

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