Find Time to Set Wise Priorities Using the 3/3/3 Exercise

Finding time is, quite often, an exercise in setting and implementing wise priorities. And like all exercises, the more you practice establishing priorities the more ‘prioritizing muscle’ you develop.  It makes you stronger!

Part of what you do when you set priorities is choose which consequences you can live with – and which you can’t. These choices inevitably involve some letting go and acceptance.  Learning your limits promotes maturity and resolve. That is so important – but it doesn’t mean it’s easy!

Do you struggle with this? If so, you’ll appreciate this deceptively simple but quite effective exercise.

Set Wise Priorities Using the 3/3/3 Exercise

Compare Consequences in 3 days, 3 weeks and 3 years

If you find it hard to decide between 2 competing activities, try a bit of time travel.

Visualize 3 scenarios: What will be the outcome of selecting one option over the alternative?

  • How will this work out in 3 days?
  • In 3 weeks?
  • What about in 3 years?

Comparing consequences over multiple time spans gives you a richer understanding of the life you are shaping through your choices.

Answer important questions…

What seems urgent at present may fade in importance, as you consider other long-range needs. Fantasizing the future can be a very powerful time tool that helps clarify your best choice for right now.

As you add to your prioritizing skills by implementing the 3/3/3 Exercise, see how it can guide you through the day.

And for more help…

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