Find Time to Share Your Posts With the New and Improved Posterous

Finding time to share your content on the web so that the largest number of people can access it in the venues they visit is a key component of social media marketing.

Have you used Posterous to share your posts?

They have recently launched Posterous Spaces, offering some nice enhancements to what was already a good platform for sharing lots of content on the web. And one of the biggest changes is that you can create public spaces, for sharing broadly … or private spaces, for sharing content with groups that you customize yourself.

Private sharing is part of what has driven these changes in Posterous.  You can create spaces for sharing with family, with friends, with work groups.  For online entrepreneurs, you might consider developing spaces for sharing teleclass material, product lines, you name it!

At the same time, Posterous makes it easy to share publicly on its platform, as well as via linkages to lots of other social networking venues.  Posterous works with Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Scribd … and lots of other sites.  On Facebook, for example, you can set the Autopost feature to update your status, stream, Facebook Photos, and Facebook Videos – or you can choose some to update and some not to. In addition, you can add a Posterous tab on Facebook showing your site directly to your profile.

Here’s an interview with Sachin Agarwal, founder of Posterous, offering an overview of the service and how it works:

As Sachin Agarwal says, “We want this to feel like magic.”  I suggest that you take a look at this flexible, effective tool to share your posts and information on the web.

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Disclosure of Material Connection: I have no material connection with Posterous, and have not received any compensation for writing this content.

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