Find Time to Sort Through the Gifts and Wrapping Paper

Finding time to reflect, especially during busy times, can be difficult. But the rewards offered by moments of reflection vastly outnumber the challenges of finding them!

The holiday season is an excellent case in point.  For many it is an extremely busy, emotionally laden, and sometimes interpersonally complicated time of year.  Your moments are packed and layered, and there is often little time to simply breathe, let alone savor or explore each one as it passes.  The time can look like a busy blur as you arrive at the other end of this string of days.

That’s why finding moments to reflect is so important.  It brings the blur back into focus. This is vital, first for fully savoring and appreciating the times of your life, and second, for making adjustments and taking care of yourself as you navigate your days.

Finding time to reflect during the holidays is especially important because it can be such an emotionally laden time.  Holidays past often affect everyone’s perceptions and expectations and can heighten feelings in sometimes unexpected ways.  Past experiences can deepen and enrich our days.  When we are unaware of their impact, they can also affect things in ways that are mystifying at first.  Pausing to reflect can help illuminate past experiences that may be affecting our present enjoyment.

The huge and pervasive cultural expectations that the holidays carry can also affect our experiences of them.  If you emerge from this time with a vague feeling of disappointment, it may be a good idea to slow down and take a look at what you were expecting.  Are you comparing your holiday to that warm Hallmark ad that you saw on TV? Chances are good that that’s a set up to leave you feeling let down!

So, as we pause between the December Holidays and the start of the New Year, I invite you to reflect on your days so far. Not the whole year (that will come later) but just how you navigated these holidays.

  • What gifts did the time bring?
  • What challenges?
  • Are there things you’ll do differently next year?

I’d suggest writing these brief reflections down and saving them on your computer – or someplace where you can easily retrieve them for next year’s holidays.  Then, when the time comes, you’ll be able to build on them.

Is this something that you already do … or would like to try?   Drop me a line – I’d love to hear how it goes for you!

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