Find Time to Start Successfully-5 Timely Tips to Begin with a Bang!

Last week we looked at the challenge and importance of taking that first step, when you are working on a project or moving toward a goal.  Today I’d like to get down to the nuts and bolts, with these 5 timely tips to help you, not only take your first step by really begin with a bang!

Maybe these tips will spark other ideas for you.  The main thing is to explore and tap into the power you hold in your hands – power to think ahead and be creative. As you try this approach, I think your results will please and surprise you!

  1. Open your mind to possibilities for structuring your project that may not be typical.  Start by clearly defining your desired outcome.  Start there and structure your project around it. Beginning with the ending will stimulate your creativity more than automatically following a standard protocol.

  2. Keep refining your vision of your results or desired outcome until it’s comprehensive and specific. Having your planned results remain vague may feel like it leaves you more options, but in reality it undermines your ability to move ahead with your project.  Clearly delineating your goal will help you strategize more effectively when structuring your action steps AND will help you stay on track as you move ahead.

  3. Examine and evaluate the scope and complexity of your desired outcome. If you have bitten off more than you can chew, streamline your project to make it manageable.  By staying laser focused  you sidestep a common pitfall: defining your anticipated results too broadly. Learn to marshal your resources by simplifying.

  4. Get everyone who’s important to your project on board at the onset.  Once you define your specific, comprehensive goal and pare it down to a realistic size, present it to everyone directly involved.  When you invest time and energy up front preparing an initial, strong presentation of your end point for all key participants, you derive two important benefits:
    • First, you are far more likely to obtain their approval and commitment when they understand you.
    • Second, the more they comprehend your clearly articulated objectives, the more you’ll have valuable space to explore and experiment along the way.
  5. Learn to work backwards.  Instead of beginning at the beginning, start from your desired outcome and work backwards to identify each necessary action step. This way, you are more likely to maintain a realistic pace and scale throughout the project.  In contrast, beginning at the beginning can mire you in too much detail or overwhelm you with the enormity of your task.

It’s deeply rewarding to plan a project effectively when first starting out. You will proceed with more confidence, develop a stronger base of support, and be able to begin with a bang!

How will you take the first step on your next project?  Do you have ideas?  Questions?  Drop me a line, I’d love to help!

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Let’s explore time together …

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