Find Time to Start Supercharging Your Blog This Cyber Monday

Finding time to make your mark, and then make money, in the blogosphere is a quest that many, many people embark on … and one in which not-so-many find success.

Why is that?  There are probably as many reasons as there are bloggers.  Before you start blogging, or even if you’ve been doing it for awhile, wouldn’t you love to have a guide … AND know some of the pitfalls?

Enter Daniel Scocco of Daily Blog Tips fame!  He’s written an excellent (and FREE) step-by-step e-book titled “How to Make Money Blogging.”  It’s a 54-page roadmap to blogging success filled with practical tips, down-to-earth advice, and lots of excellent links and resources.

What first impressed me about “How to Make Money Blogging” was its absolutely realistic tone.  As Daniel notes:  “Making money blogging is no different than making money with any other venture, be it online or offline.  As such, it will take time and require a heck lot of work.” That he doesn’t mince words about the time and energy involved lets me know that I can count on his advice to be grounded in reality!

The chapters offer a clear path for bloggers, beginning with early considerations like what software to use, how to sharpen the focus of your content, and issues about the design and usability of your blog.  In the “Usability” section, one of the sub-headings I found most intriguing was titled “Usability Mistakes.”  I don’t know about you, but I often learn as much or more from my mistakes as from my well planned and executed successes.  The specifics here were very helpful!

The hallmark of the Networking chapter … and really of the entire blogging effort, if you think about it … is summed up by Daniel’s advice to “Give before you ask.” In concrete terms, what this means is that it helps to link to other bloggers’ blogs, to comment, to offer to write guest posts, and to reach out and connect in as many ways as you can think of (Daniel shares lots of good ideas that might not occur to you immediately.)  On the subject of guest posts, Dan offered an especially helpful 8-step, structured process for this in his “Promotion” chapter.

Last but not least, your investments of time and energy bring you to the monetization stage in the evolution of your blog.  Lots of things need to be in place before your monetization effort will be successful – and Daniel lays it all out in detail in his last chapter.  The ideas here, as elsewhere, are very practical and do-able!

Bottom line?  You CAN make money with your blog – AND it is likely to take lots of time and energy to get there.  That’s why it’s so important that (going back to the beginning) you are blogging about something that you are passionate about.

“How to Make Money Blogging” is an excellent e-book for whatever stage of blogging you are at.  The advice is clear, practical, and actionable.  You’ll want to digest it and refer to it often as you move ahead with your blogging practice.

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