Find Time to Start Your Day Here and Feel Your Power!

Finding time to start your day in a grounded and powerful way is a wonderful and simple gift that you can give yourself every single day.  It takes but a moment, and its repercussions will affect everything that follows.

Here’s what I am talking about:  Do you know those signs that you often see in public places that say “You are Here” with an arrow or an X marking the spot where you are standing?  That graphic illustrates the simple exercise that can help you place yourself in the moment and start your day firmly rooted in your power.

Just take a moment after you’ve gotten up.  Maybe sit in your favorite chair, or on a meditation cushion, if you like.  Take a deep breath and exhale.

Then, with your next in breath, say, “I am here.”  As you exhale say, “I let go of ____ .  I am right here, now.”

Repeat this several times.  If nothing comes to mind that you want or need to let go of, that’s fine; just repeat “I am here now” or a similar phrase that is meaningful to you.

The exact words aren’t important.  What is key is that you allow yourself to start your day by settling into it – feeling its newness and your full, unique presence.

Your power lies in knowing that, truly, as a new day begins, the world begins anew for you.  You have access to the full range of your choices and your power in each moment – and you have 24 new hours in which to work.  There is nothing quite so energizing as letting yourself touch this powerful truth as you start your day!

This poem, by Mary Oliver, captures  what I mean quite beautifully:

How do you start your day?  “Are you here?”  Listen to your answer, be still, and let yourself settle into your power.  Take this gift with you as you move through your moments today, and let me know how it goes – I’d love to hear!

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Let’s explore time together …

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