Find Time to Stay on Top of It All AND Free Your Mind with Evernote

Finding time to get everything done, and keep up with all of the information that is at our fingertips these days can be a daunting task.

How many times have you noticed something on the web that you wanted to write about or look into, only to get interrupted or move on to something else – leaving behind that item of interest. Or maybe you bookmark it, but with thousands of bookmarks, it can be difficult to find that particular thing that you’re looking for.  In addition, you can’t add your own notes to a bookmark.  I bet right now you have hundreds of bookmarks, going back years.  Do you remember why you saved them?

Likewise, if you’ve got a hefty To Do List it can sometimes be difficult to manage and organize it, not to mention keeping a handle on all the additional information that you may need to accomplish your tasks.

And, to top it off, trying to remember the volume of data that comes our way every day, no matter how we choose to organize it, can clutter our minds with details, leaving little room for thoughtfulness or creativity.  Overwhelming?  You bet!

In the past I’ve written about tools like Remember the Milk (for tracking tasks) or Google Notebook (for capturing ideas, saving links, jotting notes, and keeping them all handy). These tools are excellent, but I have to say that when my VA told me about Evernote and what she was learning about its capabilities, it sounded like it combined the best features of many of these other applications.

What Evernote gives you is a web-based organizing tool that you can access from just about anywhere … and that you can add just about anything to.  What could be easier?  You can leave notes for yourself, clip news items from the web, paste entire documents into notes, and even share notes with others.

One of the most important capacities Evernote offers, in my opinion, is its searchability.  It will look for keywords within items you have posted, and you can easily add tags to your notes, to more quickly find things.  Not only that, but Evernote handles (and makes available) information in all sorts of different formats … text, audio, video, and graphic.

Here’s a helpful, basic tutorial for working with Evernote …

And if video is a modality that you like to use when learning a new skill, there are lots of video tutorials on the Evernote site, some quite entertaining!

There’s an Evernote Blog – for the latest developments and uses of this tool.  And the Evernote Trunk offers a growing collection of enhancements.  There you can browse for hardware, applications, notebooks … there’s even a notebook titled Ron’s Evernote Tips!

Ready to give Evernote a try? If you do, let me know how it’s going for you – I’d love to hear!

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