Find Time to Stay on Track and Have Some Fun With These Online Timers and Stop Watches

Finding time, especially when you are trying to pack a lot into your day, can be a challenge.  Losing a minute here and there can, when all’s said and done, spell tasks not completed and a To Do List that is more discouraging than inspiring.

That’s why I was pleased, recently, when a reader sent me the link to a site called Online Clock where you can find all sorts of timers, alarm clocks, and countdown tools that can be used for tracking your time.

On the fun side of the spectrum, you can use the countdown tool to calculate the days remaining ’til any future date like an upcoming anniversary, birthday, or holiday.  Or you could use it to track a due date.  Here’s a link to the Countdown to Halloween, for example.  Using the Countdown Generator, you can enter your own date and create your own countdown.

Online Stopwatch offers a somewhat similar collection, with the addition of a metronome, for the musicians among us!  Online Stopwatch also offers the capacity to add a gadget to some personal home-pages and/or web pages.

You can use the online timers, stopwatches and alarm clocks to give yourself structure as you work on tasks, move from one activity to another, or take breaks.  It’s important to remember that giving yourself breaks, to move around, refresh, and refocus is probably as important to your productivity as is the time that you allot to your work activities.

Using a timer when you are engaged in social networking activities can be especially important, as it’s so easy to get caught up in things and lose track of precious minutes … even hours!

Are you inspired to find time and increase your effectiveness? I invite you to stay awhile and explore more posts in our Time and Technology category.  In addition, I was pleased, last month, to be interviewed by a reporter from our local newspaper, the Monadnock Ledger-Transcript!

The article, by Jonathan Gourlay, is titled “In a Busy World, She’s Making Every Minute Count.” Enjoy!

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