Find Time to Streamline Online: Have You Checked Out New Seesmic Web Yet?

Finding time to stay up-to-date across your social networks is a time management challenge that many struggle with.  There are lots of mobile and desktop applications out there that offer to help streamline online efforts, and depending on your preferences, you may already have one that you use.

I actually wouldn’t advise that you change your online habits every time a new or updated application appears, because familiarity with the tools you use can do as much to streamline online time as the latest bells and whistles can.

That being said, it’s also wise to keep up by monitoring new developments.  That’s why I wanted to share the news that Seesmic (Desktop and Web) has recently gone live with a new release of its popular social networking “command center” application.  If you’re a user, you’ll be especially interested to know that you can now synch your Seesmic profile.  Not only that, but you can streamline online by scheduling posts ahead – a great way to maintain your presence in lots of different social venues.

Other enhancements cited in the Seesmic Blog Post include the following:

  • Post on a Friend’s Wall
    Post directly on a friend’s wall through the Facebook Profile Panel!
  • Updated Notification Timeline
    If someone comments on your status, simply click on the notification link to go back to the original status update
  • Keyboard navigation is available for highlighting items as you scroll through your timelines
    (You can use the arrow keys to move from one item to the next, or you can use J and K for scrolling up and down like on Google+, and H and L for moving across your columns.)
  • Spell checking integrated directly into the composer field
  • New alert settings
  • url shortening service available when connected to your Seesmic Profile
  • The composer will change color when you approach the character limit for your selected services
  • … and much more!

There is a growing collection of plugins available for Seesmic; these can enhance and extend your social networking experience (and effectiveness).

As well, this helpful How To post from the Seesmic Help Desk will walk you through the changes and show you how to set up some of the new features.

Do you already use a desktop, mobile, or web-based application to streamline online time? If you don’t … or if you are already a Seesmic user, I recommend that you explore this tool as a way to enhance your presence and accessibility on the web!

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Disclosure of Material Connection: I have no material connection with Seesmic, and have not received any compensation for writing this content.

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