Find Time to Survive and Thrive Through Every Transition Time!

Finding time to move through transitions planfully and proactively can help you benefit from these times, rather than be overwhelmed and disoriented by them.  In my next two posts I’d like to explore how you can do this.  So, let’s start with a fundamental fact about transitions.

Transition time isn’t really a different kind of time, even though we all have a tendency to see it that way.  In reality, we are always in transition.  Whether it’s transitioning from sleep to wakefulness, vacation back to work, or season to season, we live each of our moments in transition time.

Just think about it:  every in-breath is followed by an out-breath.  Transition time is a part of us, right down to our cells.  So why do we feel challenged by transitions?

The heart-based way is to look within to find the answer to this question.  And looking within, I suspect that you’ll find that your response to transition time is shaped by your past experiences of these times, and by your confidence in your skills and agility when it comes to navigating change.

Focusing on past experiences for a moment, think about the ways that your parents or other significant people in your life responded to transition time:

  • Were there seasonal rituals in your family?
  • Were they enjoyable?
  • Were they ordeals to be endured or challenges to be feared?

When you approach a transition time, do you see opportunity there?  Or do Victim messages about change echo from your past and color your present-day responses?

Well, the good news is that if the latter is the case for you, seeing it is your first step toward taking charge of your transition time and learning to thrive, rather than just survive these times in your life.

Let’s explore time together …

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