Find Time to Take a Breather and Recharge Your Energy and Productivity, Too!

Finding time to take those all-important, refreshing breaks is one of the hardest things for busy and productive people to do. 

There’s always that one more thing!  You know, the one that keeps you task-bound and, ultimately, saps your energy, enthusiasm, and productivity.  It can even affect your health.

Here’s what one reader has been struggling with …

Beth from Toronto writes:

I love how The Time Finder offers me lots of different ways to look at (and achieve) balance.  I want to find time for more balance in my life … a LOT more … and my problem is that I drive myself to achieve and get it all done as soon as possible.

I tend to  see anything that pulls me away from what I should be doing as frivolously wasting time.

So my question is, how can I ever take time for activities that aren’t absolutely productive and necessary?

Can you relate to this quandary?  I am guessing that many Time Finder readers can … and I know that I certainly can!  Read on …

Dear Beth,

I hear your frustration about the way that you drive yourself. It is essential that you allow time for relaxing activities that aren’t directly related to work.

Indeed, in order to be most productive, you need to change your pace, your focus, and your energy frequently throughout the day. Try to alternate a task where you are passively sitting at your computer with one where you are active. That is, where you are moving your body and therefore, your energy. Make sure you approach your non-work activity with openness, gratitude and compassion, and not with harshness or urgency.

I also suggest setting aside a time every day for exercise and relaxation. I routinely exercise in the earlier part of my day.  This helps to balance my energy and ground me, so I begin my work with enthusiasm. With every hour of sitting, I take 10-15 minutes to move and reenergize myself. Going outdoors or playing with my “puppies” helps me counterbalance my work energy.

Try to make one small change for a week and document what you notice. After your routine becomes second nature, encourage yourself to add something else to your day.

Be gentle and kind to yourself!

Warmest regards,


If you think of self-care and balance as responsibilities on an equal footing with everything else on your task list, does that help you reframe those activities for yourself?  In order to fulfill and actualize your potential, you need to have access to your fullest self.  That means giving yourself what you need to thrive, each step along the way!

As we move from June into July … what are some ways that you can build breathing space into your life?  I encourage you to give that gift to yourself!

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Let’s explore time together …


  1. Thanks, Paula,

    I’ve noticed myself how exercise keeps my thinking fresh and focused. And a chiropractor explained to me just yesterday that when I skip my usual exercise and weight training, it’s a “double negative” since I’m usually re-allocating that time to do more of what I usually do (at the computer, in my case) which further skews that balance! And then, of course, the time needed to see the chiropractor takes a further toll. Good for me to keep this “double negative” impact in mind!

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