Find Time to Use and Reuse and Spread the Word About YOU!

Find Time to Use and Reuse Your ContentFinding time to create and share useful and interesting information is probably one of the core elements (and core challenges) of your business if you are working on line as a coach or small business owner or solopreneur.  Carving out time to create and share the kinds of tools that your people need and want takes discipline, agility, and creativity.

But maybe you are working too hard at this.  Have you fully explored all the different ways that you can share what you create?  Repurposing and reusing content … and I DON’T mean duplicating content … is a really excellent way to reach more people more efficiently.

It’s not only a good way to spread the word about YOU further … it also provides a very helpful service to your fans, friends, and customers – offering them the opportunity to connect with you in the ways that are easiest and most comfortable for them.

Nancy Marmolejo recently wrote about an aspect of this on her Viva Visibility blog in a post titled Recycle Your Content:  Be a Functional Social Media Slacker.  She notes:

Don’t toss out that perfectly good article… recycle it and make it live forever!

I find that recycling content on social media helps me on days when I’m too busy to write something new or not sure what to do with myself in social media land.

Using social media (often just with the click of a button) to share an article or blog post is one of the easiest ways in the world to keep a stream of information flowing to your friends and followers.

And don’t just think about clicking that “Share” button … expand your horizons to include multiple platforms.  Video, audio, photos, the written word – each have their appeal, their purpose, and their core audiences.  So consider sharing a video version of that popular article about Overcoming Procrastination that you created a year ago and people are still retweeting.

You can also break up your longer articles into multiple, briefer blog posts.  Get creative.  Challenge yourself to find at least 3 … or 5 … or 7 … ways to reuse your next info product.

Ready to give it a try?  I’d love to hear the ideas YOU come up with!

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Let’s explore time together …

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