Find Time to Use Hashtags: Give Yourself a Powerful Boost on Twitter

Finding time to maximize your visibility in the world of social media is an ongoing task that you can make a lot easier for yourself by making the most of the available tools … like hashtags!

What are hashtags?  Practically speaking, they are any string of words or characters preceded by the number symbol (#).  They are used on Twitter as another way to track (and group) conversations.  As a quick way to aggregate information, they can’t be beat!

You can search for hashtags directly on Twitter or you can use sites like, that will perform the search function and also offer information about trends for that particular hashtag.

On The Next Web, Sherilynn Macale recently posted an interesting piece about The do’s and don’ts of Twitter hashtags.  You may have noticed a proliferation of hashtags on Twitter in recent months.  These do’s and don’ts are a helpful reminder.  Here’s a summary of her major points:


  • Use hashtags to keep track of communities.
  • Use hashtags to join a cause.
  • Hashtag keywords to encourage topic participation.
  • Run contests with hashtags.


  • #Hashtag #every #word #in #your #tweet.
  • #Useonelonghashtagtodescribeyourentiretweet.
  • #UOLHT (Don’t make unrecognizable acronyms into hashtags)
  • #Twitter #OpBart #XNA (Don’t use popular hashtags in series, JUST for SEO purposes.)

We have recently started using relevant hashtags when we post #timetips on Twitter.  Tags like #procrastination and #gratitude help add our tips to existing discussions or groupings of Tweets.  It’s an excellent way to introduce ourselves and join the conversations that are most relevant to #findingtime.

Do you use Twitter?  And if so, are hashtags a part of your repertoire?  It can definitely increase your visibility and amp up the power  of each and every one of your tweets!

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