Find Time to Use Your Choices to Move Into Your Power-3 Time Truths

In our last post we explored the importance of knowing that time is concrete and finite, and of using the time that you have to its fullest.  A key component in being able to make the most of your time and move into you power lies in making choices.

And remember, not-choosing is also a choice, albeit one that is guaranteed to keep you stuck.

So, you really have two choices to make, when it comes to choice-making:

  • What choice will you make and, even more fundamentally,
  • Will you choose or not?

Let’s examine that second, fundamental question more closely.  It is asking you whether you will move into your power by Acting or whether you will choose to not choose – and Procrastinate?

The decision is always yours and yours alone, and it is a powerful one.  Here are 3 Time Truths to help you use your time choices to move you into your power, so you can live your moments as fully as possible:

1st Time Truth:  Procrastinators fall short of the necessary level of commitment to bring about the changes they’d like to make in their lives.  But it doesn’t need to be that way.

The Action you can take to counter Procrastination is to Commit now. Like the Chinese general Xiang Yu in the third century B.C., decisive individuals “burn their ships” as they cross the rivers to new land, to erase any temptation to retreat. Decide now. Commit. Move forward.

2nd Time Truth:  Procrastinators squander their potential by waiting for a better deal.

The Action you can take to stop waiting and start walking your own powerful path is to Engage now. Living each moment as fully as you can and giving everything you have to whatever you are doing is the opposite of sitting on the sidelines.  There is nothing to wait for.  This moment is everything, and the more fully you can realize that, the more fully you’ll be able to live.

3rd Time Truth:  Procrastinators hand over the power of their lives to circumstances beyond their control.

The Action you can take to change that for yourself is to Claim your power now. You are unstoppable when you are willing to invest your energy and heart in the life you value the most. When you truly value your life, you live in real time. You know that your time choices are entirely in your hands and that you, not external circumstances, determine how you use your time.

Do you welcome your opportunity to live your life to its fullest and move into your power?  You see, action and change require commitment.  I guarantee that you will not only find time as you commit to fully exercise your power of choice, you will also create a stronger, more confident self.

What is your next powerful choice to find more time?

Let’s explore time together …

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  1. I love your 3 time truths! And I’m looking forward to taking some good action steps today. Thanks for your words of encouragement…

  2. Hi Alison – I’d love to hear what steps you took yesterday – and how that worked for you. Here’s to your time success!

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