Find Time to Welcome Change and Get Yourself Growing: 3 Timely Tips

Finding time to open ourselves to the constancy of change is one of the biggest challenges that we face as human beings. Change is an especially interesting subject to consider as we come to a time of seasonal transition. How we feel about the change from spring to summer (or from fall to winter) can tell us a lot about how we approach change in general.

There is an element of the unpredictable built into any change. It upsets the equilibrium that we had established for ourselves and sends things into flux. Even if a change is positive and, for the most part, expected, it still has a ripple effect and impacts lots of areas of our lives – some that we may not have even considered.

When it comes to change, I like to think of it on two different levels. On the one level there is the obvious fact of the change itself. The other, equally important level, is our attitude or our response to this change. Even more than the change itself, this is what often defines and determines what happens next!

So, what’s the best way to prepare for and welcome the changes that come our way every day?

Here are 3 tips that I find extremely helpful:

  1. As much as you can, build in a little extra time every day for the unexpected. Think of your time the way the Shakers used to think of their crops, planting enough for themselves and then, always, a little extra for the marauding animals. The unexpected is going to visit you every single day in small or large ways. If you build in some time to accommodate it, you’re less likely to feel victimized.
  2. When change does come, whether it’s unexpected or something you’ve chosen, spend a little time getting a handle on your attitude toward it. As soon as you sense a change, do you constrict and take a defensive stance? Work to transform that for yourself by consciously opening and welcoming this new thing. Give yourself clear and direct messages about your competence and power to choose. Say yes to this change, and see how your feelings about it are transformed!
  3. Each time you let yourself open to a change, be sure to come back later and validate that effort. The more you practice the more you develop your flexibility and confidence. Giving yourself a pat on the back never hurts, and it definitely adds to your momentum.

As you successfully negotiate newness in your life you will find that door after door opens for you. You are always ripe to grow, and the more you embrace this process the more you’ll find yourself sprouting in all sorts of exciting directions!

Ready, set, grow!  And as you take steps to welcome your changes, let me know how it goes … I’d love to hear!

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  1. steve/authentic abundance says

    Hi Paula,

    Change often comes when you express your desire for it. My wife, who has a chronic disease, moved with me recently to Asheville, NC. We moved because we wanted a vibrant, culturally interesting community in a naturally beautiful area. We felt that it would benefit us coming from the New York area.

    However, we had not anticipated the wonderful community of healers we would encounter here. It didn’t take long before we felt ready to take new steps toward wellness.

    Looking back, I think we were seeking this kind of community without being fully aware of it…

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your experience, Steve.

    I feel very moved by your openness to the new experiences, opportunities, and energies that your choices led you to. And I couldn’t agree more with your conclusion.

    So glad you listened to your heart!

    I send all my best energy to you and your wife …


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