Find Time to Welcome September by Savoring August's Top Posts!

Finding time to welcome a new month is always so special.  Do you say, “Rabbit, rabbit,” when you first awaken?  Do you have special rituals that are touchstones for you?

Well, one of my rituals is to always pause and reflect on what’s been, as I open myself to what’s-to-be.  So let’s welcome September by savoring August’s top posts on The Time Finder!

Find Time to Value Your Values the Heart-Based Way was the number one most read post this past month.

Finding time to move through life from your most powerful core means being in sync with your values – that’s the Heart-Based Way.

Next up came a post titled Finding Time to Outmaneuver Your Time Gremlins: The People-Pleaser, about one of the peskiest Time Gremlins …

The People-Pleaser Time Gremlin coaxes you to empower others. Maybe you try to win their favor in the hope of receiving some reward. Perhaps you doubt your ability to proceed independently. But when you value others’ priorities over your own, you forfeit your ability to plan effectively. Not only that, but the hidden bargains that you are striking will always backfire.

One of my favorites also ranked high with readers.  I invite you to revisit Find Time to Transform Your Feelings About Time by Tuning in to the Words You Use to Describe It – I think you’ll be glad!

As you explore your own Heart-Based path, you’ll find that your feelings about yourself change. Not only that – this process will transform your feelings about time. That’s because the Heart-Based way works from the inside out. It starts with you as the base.

August is my birthday month, so the years were on my mind as we explored some ways to Find Time to Appreciate the Experience of Aging …

The experience of aging is an ever-changing one. When you approach it with compassion, realism, and your heart-based toolkit in hand, you’ll find it to be a rich and enriching developmental phase.

Last, but definitely not least, we celebrated being featured on BlogHer, and highlighted the importance of recognizing your accomplishments with our post titled Celebrate Your Successes and Give Yourself a Powerful Energy Boost!

Finding and celebrating the positive can be especially important when you are, perhaps, moving through a difficult patch. If you are feeling discouraged or overwhelmed, this is a time when you can really help yourself by stepping back, finding the goals that you have moved ahead on, and recognizing your progress.

What was your favorite Time Finder post this past month?  Find time to reflect and savor … as you welcome September!

Let’s explore time together …

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  1. What a good blog you got going here Paula.

    I must say that some people do spend a lot of time making excuses about NOT having time.

    I really liked the posts about finding time…

    Thanks for sharing fresh content!

  2. Hi Wilson –

    Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

    I appreciate your kind words, and enjoyed perusing the posts on your blog (and your Twitter feed).

    Here’s to your time (and business) success!


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