Find Time When Dealing With Unexpected Glitches!

The Finding Time E-zine was sent out yesterday at noontime.  I love developing and sharing the e-zine, and always look forward to the comments, questions, and feedback from readers.

Yesterday was different, though. Ten, 15, 30-minutes after it was fired … no e-zine.  This was very unusual. After an hour, still nothing.  I was worried.  This wasn’t on my agenda for yesterday afternoon, and I had lots of other things scheduled!  I enlisted some help and returned to my planned activities. But where was the e-zine?

worryI realized that I was very distracted by this glitch, and wasn’t bringing my best, most focused energy to the other tasks of my day. So, I stepped back and took some time away from my work to stop and explore what I was feeling. I was frustrated, both with the situation and with the fact that there was nothing that I could do to address the problem, aside from communicating  it to my web host as clearly and urgently as possible. With each moment of waiting, my feelings of frustration and powerlessness rose.

It was these feelings that were sapping my energy and focus.  The situation itself was a fact; my reaction to it was impacting me in ways that I didn’t like. This was something I could make different choices about!

Much as I would if talking to a friend, I told myself that it was very understandable to feel the way I was feeling.  I reminded myself that I had done everything that I could to address the situation, and that at this point there was no other action I could take.  I encouraged myself to turn and focus on activities that I needed to, and gave myself permission to check on the e-zine’s status during my breaks.

This helped immensely. First recognizing my feelings, then validating them gave me a base in my felt reality.  Accepting, not denying, all aspects of what was happening (and my feelings about it), I was then able to let go of the reactions that were getting in my way in the moment.

PS  As of this writing, the e-zine still hasn’t arrived – but I am hopeful that it will have landed in your in-box by the time you are reading this post!

How do you handle the unexpected glitches that come your way?  Are they distracting?  Are you able to let go and refocus? I invite you to share a comment here – I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences!

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