Find Time with 7 Practical Internet Tips

Finding focus and maintaining it when you’re working on the internet can be a challenge, as we’ve been discussing.

In one of my early articles on I shared some time management techniques in 7 Tips for the Internet to Trim Time:

7 Internet Tips for Finding Time

  1. Whenever possible, limit your time online to certain times of day.
  2. Close your e-mail and turn off your instant messaging and RSS feeds when you really need to focus
  3. Keep your goal in mind when you do Internet searches.
  4. Keep a running list of interesting links you uncover.
  5. Set time parameters for your task, so you don’t get “Lost in (Cyber)Space.”
  6. Keep an internet log for a week.
  7. Keep your promise to yourself to return to the links and emails that are of real interest to you.

This is important…

This last item – keeping your promise to yourself – is key!  When setting any time boundary, be it an internal boundary or one that involves others, your follow-through is what builds trust and ensures that your boundary will “hold.”  If you tell yourself that you’ll go back to something, and then you don’t, you’re less likely to maintain that boundary the next time you need it!

You can read my full article here.  Another interesting source for time-saving internet tips can be found on the blog Internet Duct Tape.  You’ll find some technical tips here, as well as time management ideas!  Here’s one that I found intriguing:

Set up multiple Firefox profiles, one for work and one for fun. Your work profile will be barebones with Google Search and your Intranet / work bookmarks while your fun profile will have stuff like StumbleUpon, Gmail notifier, Google Reader, etc.

Can’t you just see the potential?

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