Find Time with an Online To-Do List

How can an online to-do list help you? Well, think about your busy life.

Task Management with a To-Do List

Managing multiple tasks and shifting time priorities can really test your organizational and time management skills!  In addition, it can be a major challenge to capture and retain the good ideas that come your way in the course of the day.

Remember the MilkIt’s been awhile since I wrote about using To-Do lists to manage time and help sort out your time priorities.  But as I was looking for some time management tools for myself, I came upon this excellent post on Geekpreneur offering information about online To-Do Lists.

Some of the lists are bare bones and some come with lots of bells and whistles.  All are best suited for work that is being done at the computer, although some of them can also be printed out.

Tracking Ideas and Tasks

If you’re a blogger, these lists can be particularly helpful for logging, and tracking, your good blogging ideas!  How often do you have a great idea and then either forget it before you can use it, or lose the scrap of paper that you jotted it on?  Keeping a running list of blog post ideas right at your fingertips when you’re blogging is a wonderful boon to your productivity!

Google CalendarThe Google Calendar offers lots of functionality, too, for managing time online.  You can set it up to send you e-mail reminders – and can use it to incorporate schedule data from external calendars (like holidays, sports schedules for the fans among us – the possibilities are nearly endless)!

Do you find online To-Do lists helpful?

Have you found (or developed) some good ones that you’d like to share?

Drop me a line – I’d love to hear from you!

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