Find Time with Freeware and Firefox

From time to time we discover technical time management and organizing resources that we want to share with you.  Today’s post offers a compendium of freeware applications compiled by Daniel Scocco who writes Daily Blog Tips.

His list of resources (all free) appears in the post titled Link Tips:  07 December 2008 and it includes the Top 101 Freeware Applications (from Tech Vivo) as well as 10 Firefox Extensions to help you analyze your web traffic.  (Trendrr is another new, data-tracking Firefox add-on that looks interesting, according to one person who commented on the Firefox entry.)

Many of these tools can help make your browsing more secure, your desktops more organized and efficient, or your statistics for your site more accessible and easily analyzed.

For readers who are not particularly technically-minded, you might want to share this post with your virtual assistant (that’s what I’ll be doing)!  Or you can file it for future reference.  (But not too far in the future – remember, this is a rapidly changing and evolving field!)

The more time you spend working on the web, the more you’ll have a need to be on at least a first name basis with some of the tools described in these resources.

How does web 2.0 technology work for you?  How do you work with it?  I’d love to hear from you!

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