Find Time with Hojoki for Your Cloud Connections

Finding time to be as productive as possible always involves finding the right tools.  But, there are so many wonderful productivity tools to choose from that sometimes it can be hard to track them all.

This is especially true with the proliferation of Cloud applications.  That’s where Hojoki comes in; you can use it to track Cloud activity without having to check each and every application that you use individually.

What Hojoki does is allow you to connect the applications that you (and your team, if you wish) use on the Cloud – and it creates a private news-feed for you – that updates you in real time whenever you or others on your team make a change or addition to an application you’ve authorized.

As has been noted in a post on LifeHacker recently, this productivity tool brings scattered activity into one news-feed, creating order out of chaos – and saving you lots of time.

Hojoki supports personal productivity tools like Dropbox, Google Apps and Google Drive, CloudApp, and Evernote, but also supports developer tools like Github, Basecamp, and Beanstalk. That’s just the beginning: whether you work alone or on a team, Hojoki can aggregate changes to your code, your documents, and updates from others into one place so you don’t have to keep a dozen tabs open to get right to a file you need to edit.

Here’s a quick video that shows how Hojoki can work for you:

If you work with a team, this tool can be a great time-saver.  And simply as a way to aggregate your own activities on the web, Hojoki looks like it can be a big plus. It’s in beta now (so entirely free) and they promise that they will always offer a free service, even as they add paid options down the road.

Ready to check out Hojoki?  Just click this link to create a free account, and you’re on your way!

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Disclosure of Material Connection: I have no material connection Hojoki, and have not received any compensation for writing this content.

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