Find Time with Seesmic Desktop on Cyber Monday

Finding time to manage your Twitter and Facebook accounts has received a boost recently.  For those of you who are TweetDeck users, some new upgrades to Seesmic Desktop may make this an application you’ll want to explore and (perhaps) consider switching to.

Here’s a video description of the newest version that outlines some of its features …


Mashable also recently published a head-to-head comparison of TweetDeck and Seesmic Desktop.  Depending on your particular needs and preferences, you may find that one of these excellent tools outshines the other for you.  Both can save you lots of time!

I first learned about this application via a fortuitous tweet by @wendyYbailey on Friday.  The biggest time saving tool that Seesmic Desktop offers, to my mind, is its easy integration with Facebook.  As Jennifer Van Grove notes in her Mashable review:

Seesmic Desktop, however, has been concentrating a lot of its iterative development efforts on further supporting Facebook’s Open Stream API. This means that on top of crossposting to Facebook and viewing status updates, you can also add comments (now with a new @reply feature), like items, view the comment and likes on individual wall posts, and even view photos in friends’ timelines. It’s really a fantastic way to engage with both Facebook and Twitter right from the same app.

My VA has been exploring Seesmic Desktop and finding it to be a very flexible and effective time finding tool.  Is this an application that you are familiar with?

Try watching the brief video and exploring its capabilities for yourself. Does it help you to find more time when you’re working on line?  Let me know – I’d love to hear!

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