Find Time with Templates for the Holidays-Part II

We’ve been talking about using templates to find time – especially during the holidays. Are you ready to create your template for your Thanksgiving celebration?The first step is to make a list of your family’s traditional Thanksgiving rituals. Try brainstorming if you have trouble getting started. Remember – this is a tool for you, and you can always go back and add things. You’ll be refining and revising your template over time.

Once you have your list, arrange it into tasks. What needs to happen to make sure that you and your family have a memorable Thanksgiving?

Prioritize your list. What’s an absolute “must”? What’s negotiable? What might be a fun new addition to the holiday ritual?

Try not to focus on a static ‘snapshot’ of the holiday meal as the end point. Instead, think of the whole. How can each individual who will be at the table contribute as an integral part of the process? Inclusiveness brings life and heart to your tradition.

Green BeansWhen it comes to celebrating holidays, every family has its “quirks.” Include these in your template and plan for them in your list of tasks. My mother believed that no Thanksgiving was complete without fresh green beans. In addition, the green beans had to be sliced diagonally. If they reached the Thanksgiving table having been snapped or cut straight across, there was a Thanksgiving crisis!

Use your template to be sure that your task list includes the things that carry meaning for each person. Everyone at the table feels special because your task template took each person into account! You can use this same approach to prepare for the holidays in December.

Try it – and let me know how it works.  What do you learn?

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