Find Time with the Right Twitter Tools

toolsFinding time by connecting with friends, family, and colleagues on Twitter is a great way to optimize your online social networking time.  Another way to optimize your time is by having the right tools!

Twitter, as many of you know, is a very user-friendly platform for keeping in touch. Its popularity has mushroomed over the past year and continues to grow. Not only is Twitter growing, but the collection of tools that can be used in conjunction with Twitter is constantly evolving and expanding.

TwiTip is a blog started by Darren Rowse (of ProBlogger fame) that offers brief and enlightening tips about Twitter.  The posts on TwiTip focus on a wide range of topics and every Sunday, now, there is a feature titled “Sunday Twitter Tool Roundup.”  (In addition, for a quick overview of technologically-oriented posts on TwiTip, just go to the Twitter Tools category and scan for posts that catch your eye!)

In this Sunday’s Roundup, Lara Kulpa focuses on several tools, two of which looked especially interesting to me.

One of them is twitlookup, which gives you the capacity to quickly check for the definition of the word, the meaning of an acronym or hashtag, or for the weather pretty much anywhere in the world!

The other tool, TweetIE, is an Internet Explorer (or Firefox) plugin that allows you to select text on any web page and tweet it, with an accompanying link to that page.  One thing that I like in particular about this tool is that it gives you the capacity to select the text that you post with your link (rather than forcing some rote verbiage).  It makes for much more interesting and varied tweets.

What Twitter tools do you find most helpful in your on-line networking activities? I invite you to share them with us at The Time Finder – we’d love to hear!

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