Find Time With Time Boundaries – The Power is in Your Hands!

We’ve been talking a lot this month about finding time by creating time boundaries.

Many of you have downloaded and started using The New Finding Time Boundary Template. I am very pleased to report that as of today more than 130 of you have taken the opportunity to use this excellent, FREE tool!

Time Boundaries and Power

Finding FocusOne thing that becomes increasingly clear as you develop your skills around setting time boundaries is how much power it gives you in your life!

Time boundaries aren’t simply about saying no to external demands. As anyone who works on the Internet knows well, time boundaries also have to do with developing internal boundaries. Strong internal boundaries allow you to maintain your focus and stay on task amidst all the interesting distractions that cyberspace offers!

Don’t under estimate the power of choice. You give your self-esteem and self-trust a wonderful boost every time you set a boundary and follow through on it. Each time you do that, you are telling yourself that you are in charge, that your goals and aspirations are important, and that you are on your own side!

This will help…

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