Find Time With Topify-A Cyber Monday Tip!

Finding time to keep up with social networking can be a big challenge some days.  Here’s a tool that’s come to our attention at The Time Finder – that looks like it could be very helpful.  It’s called Topify.

What Topify does is send you an e-mail when someone new follows you or sends you a Direct Message.  It is not (yet) set up to send notifications for @replies.  It saves you time by giving you all the information you’ll need to respond to the message – or decide whether you want to follow the person back – without your having to open Twitter.

Here’s a very helpful review of the service from TechCrunch:

Once you set it up (we have 200 invites for TechCrunch readers) by replacing your email in Twitter’s settings with one that Topify provides which redirects back to yours, you get an email every time someone follows you. The email contains a snapshot of that person’s Twitter activity: a one line bio, location, number of followers and followees, Twitter update count, Twitter tenure, and last Tweet (see image). It basically tries to gives you enough information to decide whether you want to follow that person back, which you can do simply by replying to the email.

Topify also lets you reply to direct messages (Twitter’s version of private messages) by replaying directly via email. This saves you the step of having to go back to Twitter and login before responding. These are all basic features which should be part of Twitter, but until then you can use Topify.

Here’s a brief video describing the service.


To sign up for Topify you need to access one of a limited number of invitations.  When we first tried to sign up, they indicated that they would e-mail us an invitation but, after several minutes, nothing arrived.  We then followed this link to a page on their blog where they have additional, unclaimed invitations available.  Click on one of the live links and you should be all set.

I look forward to finding time with Topify, and will be interested to hear about how it works for you – whether you have already tried it, or are exploring it now.  I invite you to write a comment or drop me a line at – I’d love to hear!

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