Find Time With Twitter Tools for WordPress on Cyber Monday

Twitter ToolsFinding time to create systems and automate certain tasks on the web is a great time-saving tool.  Even in the sphere of social networking, where relationships are key, it makes sense to systematize and automate some of your activities. To that end, I’d like to highlight a very helpful WordPress plugin that my VA recently activated.

But first – what is a WordPress Plugin?  Or any plugin, for that matter?  Briefly, it’s a computer application that can be added to a host application, interacts with it, and generally performs some very specific function.  It is sometimes called an “add-on” or an “extension.”  Wikipedia offers a very extensive definition, if you want to read more!

There are literally thousands of WordPress Plugins.  The one I’d like to focus on today is called Twitter Tools.  It was created by Alex King – a web developer in Colorado who specializes in WordPress applications, among other things.  He’s developed quite a few WordPress Plugins over the years, and this one looks to be very helpful for busy people looking to find ways to optimize their Twitter Time.

Twitter Tools gives you the ability to thoroughly integrate your blog and your Twitter account.  Depending on your preferences, Twitter Tools will:

  • Archive your Tweets (downloaded every 10 minutes)
  • Create a blog post from each of your Tweets (if you want)
  • Create a daily or weekly digest blog post of your Tweets and post it at the time you specify
  • Add a Tweet whenever you post to your blog (with a link to the post)
  • Allow you to post a Tweet from your sidebar
  • Let you post a Tweet from the WordPress Dashboard

When it comes to finding time on the web, this kind of integration is extremely helpful! It enables you to share excellent content with friends and followers on Twitter (for example) while saving you the extra steps involved.  It’s a win-win!

I’ll be interested to see how it works for us at The Time Finder as we experiment with the many features of this interesting plugin!

Do you Tweet?  Do you have a blog?  Have you found ways to integrate your on-line activities? What’s worked well for you?  What challenges have you needed to overcome?  I’d love to hear!

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