Finding Balance — 5 Tips Help You Get There and Stay There

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Balance is dynamic…

Your ability to find balance is influenced by lots of things in your life.

There’s your personal history.  Pause and think about it: Who were your role models and how did they exhibit this life skill?

There’s the energy you bring.

And then there are your priorities and your values.

And, perhaps most fundamentally, there are your time choices.

Here are 5 insights to enhance your understanding of balance and help you create more and more of it in your life.

Tips to Get You Started

1. Balance comes from drawing on your full range of energies, not a 50/50 split of work/home activities.

What you’re looking for here is less about how much time you schedule for each sector of your life than it is about how you approach activities energetically. For example, if you follow up an ambitious, sales-oriented day at work with a game of handball, then engage in home remodeling until bedtime, you are not allowing yourself to relax, reflect and simply be.

Likewise, if you end a day of caregiving by tending to family and grooming your dog, you have no opportunity to challenge yourself in self-directed physical or creative endeavors. Your drive, your receptivity, your originality, and your caring are all distinct energies that complement one another. Their variety adds depth to your life.

2. Balance is about how you use your energy.

Here, what you’re looking to develop is the skill of maintaining dynamic equilibrium. Learn to recognize the feminine energy and masculine energy that feed your vitality. Observe when you create and dream, and when you take action. Alternating freely between these 2 energies
helps you balance and integrate what is essential in your life.

More Timely Tips

3. Balance is about taking care of yourself.

Learn to quiet yourself and identify messages you may be working from. Powerful equilibrium evolves as you discern each fear you hold and how it drives your choices from moment to moment. As you become aware of your rhythm, you can pace yourself more successfully. You will sense when outlays of effort need to be followed by something restorative. To live in dynamic equilibrium, learn to accept that you can only be in one energetic place at a time.

4. Activate balance with aware actions.

Observing yourself and embracing lessons from your intuition (or inner guide) are fundamental balance skills. Attune yourself to the signals your body provides to assess the situation, your environment and your choices. Act from an enlightened, inspired, balanced position.

5. Balance is learning to create harmony with yourself.

Using your time and energy harmoniously will smooth out the wrinkles in your day. You will feel more content and grounded by creating a balanced base for your daily activities.

Reflect and Correct

Assess your time choices and motivation by asking questions about how you are using your time in each moment.

  • What do you need more or less of to create a balanced base?
  • How are you off-center?
  • What happens?
  • How can you regain your balance now?

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