Finding Efficiency and Effectiveness with a Compassionate Question

Autumn PathFinding time by being more efficient and effective may seem like an obvious piece of advice.  But the path to efficiency and effectiveness may not always be where you expect to find it.

Yesterday we were discussing the fact that compassion is a very powerful tool for getting yourself unstuck.  How is it that compassion gives you the traction you need to free yourself from that rut and get moving again?

Well, here’s one way to get there…

Ask a compassionate question.

So, when I feel myself spinning my wheels, one of the first things I do is ask myself a question.

“What am I trying to tell myself here?”

It’s an open-ended, interested, non-judgmental query. Think of it as the sort of question you’d ask a friend.

The simple act of asking in this way – gently and with genuine interest – opens the heart.  And this, in turn, opens your mind and gives you access to ALL of your possibilities.

You’re building a relationship…

So, this kind of interaction with yourself builds your fund of genuine self-knowledge. And it’s a cornerstone of your authentic relationship with yourself.  That solid relationship with yourself is the most powerful base that you can possibly have for ANYTHING that you want to accomplish.

In my recent article Time Finding Essentials – Compassion’s Power to Recharge Decisiveness and Productivity at, I look at three myths about time, success, and effectiveness that can trip you up, and three realities that will help you regain your footing!

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