Finding Peace and Quiet is Key to Your Well-Being, and This Helps

ocean peace and quiet

Breathe peace and quiet…

Finding peace and quiet isn’t easy. Many days, you rush through your hours and are challenged to find any breathing space at all.

Does that sound familiar?

And peace and quiet sounds delicious, doesn’t it? Like dipping into a cool, deep well.

So yes, peace and quiet is a consistent source of energy and nourishment. It’s always there, and yet, in our busy world, we all-too-often don’t avail ourselves of quiet time. Given a choice, we often choose to be busy and productive. There’s lots of pressure to make those choices – but they aren’t sustainable.

Choosing Peace and Quiet

Having the courage and discipline to choose quiet time is a core skill I teach in my Heart-Based Time Management™ System. Far from being an indulgence, it’s a necessary ingredient in self-care. And it builds a strong foundation for ongoing, powerful productivity.

Affirmations are helpful tools in re-shaping your thinking about self-care and quiet time, so I’ve included here a sampling of some affirmations for you to try on for size. And I encourage you to create your own. When your affirmation strikes a resonant chord, you’ll know.

Some Affirmations to Try

Quiet time helps me reconnect with myself.

Claiming peace and quiet enables me to get away from the noise of daily life and replenish my spirit. I reconnect with who I am and remember my purpose for doing what I do.

Life is filled with distractions: people, media, chores, paperwork, and more. To avoid being swallowed up by the little things, I remove myself from the routine and spend time alone and away from my responsibilities.

Each week, I include time in my schedule for myself. The same way I schedule meetings and appointments with others, I add my own name to my schedule for quiet time.

During quiet time, I think of things that make my heart sing. I visualize myself on a calm quiet beach with a gentle breeze. I breathe deeply as I release the pressures of life.

Setting aside time to clear my head enables me to be a better person because I am much more productive and efficient when I am fresh. I enjoy renewed energy and a deepening connection with the people around me when I make myself a priority.

I take time for myself because there is a time for everything. While family and work are my priorities, taking care of myself is just as important to achieving my ultimate goals.

Today, I choose to intentionally carve out time in my day for myself. Instead of waiting for free time to come to me, I make it happen.

In order to be good at anything else, I must be great at caring for myself.Click To Tweet

Peace and Quiet – 2 Things to Do Today

So, what is your next step? Here are two questions to answer — they will keep you moving and help you find more time:

  • What distractions do I need to turn off so I can focus on myself?
  • When can I carve some time out for myself? Set up a time right now. Write it down and follow through.

… and let me know how it goes – I’d love to hear.

Boundaries are your key to finding peace and quiet…

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  1. Loved this, Paula. Great advice for today (and every day.) Thanks for your inspiring posts.

  2. Thanks so much, Jordy. I’m glad you liked the post and send along best wishes for finding peace and quiet today and every day.


  3. Dear Paula,

    As always, thanks for your mail. Last year, I was barely in my garden, as I “never had time.” This year, I have made a “conscious choice to choose” to make time. In the evening, I sit on the lounge chair and just listen to the birds. I make it happen and “dip into that cool, deep well.”

    Wishing you and the Time Finder Community many peaceful moments!

    • Hi David,

      It’s so good to hear from you and to celebrate, with you, the gifts you’re giving yourself. The choices you are making are so life-enhancing, and I love the strong affirmation of “I make it happen.”

      Here’s to your continued time success and peaceful evening moments.



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