Finding Quiet in Our World of Instant Access — How to Make It Work

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Start finding quiet in your life.

Finding quiet is a major challenge for many people. Are you one of them? If so, it’s important to realize that you’re not alone.

We live in an age of instant access and constant connection. 

That can be wonderful. And at the same time, it’s not unusual to feel inundated with information, tasks, choices, and opportunities.

And when you feel inundated, finding quiet can sometimes look impossible.

But it isn’t.

Finding quiet — my recipe for success:

Decide on, and set aside some time every day that is designated just for you. Ideally, you’d aim to have a chunk of time for contemplation or meditation and then another chunk of similar length for productivity.

The amount of time you choose to do this might vary from day to day, but what’s key is finding quiet. Then, when you see how that translates into productivity, you create a positive feedback loop for yourself.

The reason this works so well is twofold:

  • Self-care is the root of successful time management.  It replenishes your energy and sharpens your focus.
  • Quiet and contemplation will get your creative ideas flowing like water from its well-spring.

I have found it helpful in my own life to “think small.”  Especially as you get started with this practice, try looking at your time in 15-minute increments. Small steps make big changes possible.

So, how will you start finding quiet in your life, beginning today?

Want more help?

You face unique questions and are called, continually, to come up with unique solutions. So, I’m offering something to help with that today. It’s a deck of cards — 50 cards, to be exact. And it’s titled Mindful Moments: Heart-Based Reflections on Time and Life. The focus of this particular card series consolidates decades of my experience into bite-sized reflections and journal prompts. To learn more, click this link:

I think you’ll find yourself returning to them again and again. Maybe you’ll shuffle the deck and pull out a card about boundaries or self-care. Or perhaps you’ll explore how your energy feels to you right now, in this very moment. Let’s say you randomly draw a card at lunchtime one day. You learn about how saying “No” to one thing helps you create the space to say “Yes” to something else. And then you realize, hours later, how that brief moment with that card prompted you to create a much-needed boundary that afternoon with your boss.

The more you engage, the more you’ll discover, so I encourage you to use Mindful Moments in whatever way works for you. I’m really excited to share Mindful Moments with you today. I can’t wait for you to discover the many ways that working with these cards will help you pause, ponder, and deepen your experience. This enriches you, no matter what the world is bringing to your door.

To give yourself more mindful moments, click this link:

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