Finding Time and Focus Even When Internet Distractions Call!

42-15654386Finding time and finding focus can be difficult in our fast-paced, information-rich world.  For anyone whose work day involves significant computer time, the call of the internet can be distracting and even overwhelming at times. How do you find focus and maintain it, with so much information at your fingertips, just clamoring to be viewed and shared?

My article Time Management Techniques – 7 Tips For the Internet to Trim Time on offers some very practical ideas that ought to help.  The tip that I’d like to emphasize here is #5, which focuses on setting time parameters for your internet work – with some interesting, practical twists!

Set time parameters for your task, so you don’t get “Lost in (Cyber)Space.” It is very easy to lose time while you are on the computer. On many calendar systems, you can set an alarm. Use this to set a stop time for yourself. If you are at home and resist switching gears, set an alarm in another room to get you out of your chair and away from the temptation. If at work, try scheduling searches right before a meeting or lunch with a colleague.

The use of time parameters, timers and other such tools is key in managing time – and especially on-line time.  I’ll be discussing lots of time strategies tomorrow night when my friend and colleague Heather Dominick interviews me about The Twitter Time Trap: 5 Keys to Unlock the Twitter Time Trap to Keep It from Devouring Your Time.

In this FREE teleclass we’ll explore Twitter through the lens of Time!  I am very excited about this class – and the wonderful tools it’ll be putting into your hands!

You can click this link to sign up for a FREE Trial Membership in Heather’s Marketing Mastery Program.  Once you register for Heather’s Program, you’ll receive information (via e-mail) about the Twitter Trap Teleclass before the call on 09/16!

Here are the basics!

  • Call Date: Wednesday September 16, 2009
  • Call Time: 6:00pm – 7:00pm, EASTERN

I look forward to “seeing” you in class!  And in the meantime, here’s to your time success!

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