Finding Time with Balance, Breathing, Planning and Other Top Posts from The Time Finder!

Finding Time FavoritesFinding time is always a challenge – and The Time Finder is all about helping you with that!

And one of my favorite monthly rituals is finding time to go back and review what readers were most drawn to in the previous month on The Time Finder.  You’ll notice that in some cases, they are posts  from March and sometimes readers were drawn to posts going back a few months.  When it comes to finding time, many of the tips and ideas we share are timeless!

So, below are the 5 posts that topped your preferences in March – including a hyperlink to the post, and a snippet that gives you a taste of what you’ll find.

I invite you to explore these posts, especially if you missed them the first time around.   And, as always, I’d love to hear what you think!  😉

Breathing: Your Portable, Powerful and Dependable Stress-Reducer

Practicing disciplines like yoga and meditation equip you to be able to remain relaxed in even the most stressful situations. But stepping back from these particular disciplines and focusing only on breathing, you’ll find that the power to relax and de-stress is really just an exhalation away!

Balance Leads You to Enhanced Energy and Time

One of the things that is necessary, when looking to find the best balance for yourself, is stillness.  You need to step away from the everyday business of your life long enough, and attentively enough, to really feel and assess your needs and desires regarding balance.

Task Planning – Increased Detail Equals Increased Success!

You see, the more you know about a task before stepping into it, the more likely you are going to be successful.  It’s a little like dipping your toe into the water before jumping in.  Or consulting a map before driving into a new city.  The more information you can give yourself ahead of time, the better off you are.

Change and You-Use Affirmations to Shape Your Time!

Affirmations give us a way to shape our responses so that we are coming from a place of confidence and power, rather than taking a victim stance. Affirmations open up possibilities that we’d otherwise be blind to, and they profoundly affect our experience of life and of time.

Heart-Based Time Management Tools: YOU are the Key to Finding Time!

It’s all about YOU, and working from the inside out.  That’s what heart-based time management offers.  Are you ready to get started and see where your own, unique and powerful path leads?

Do you see your favorite on the list?  Are there time questions or challenges you’d like to see us explore here on the blog?  Let me know – I would love to help!

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