Finding Time by Consciously Choosing Your Words (and Messages) to Yourself!

stepping-stonesYesterday I wrote about the inner critic, and ways that you can use your inner adult and nurturer to counter the critic’s debilitating messages.  Today I’d like to write a little bit more about that, starting with a very insightful post from Paula Harvey on her blog Designing a Passionate Life. In Using Beliefs to Support Your Vision, she writes:

After you recognize limiting beliefs that stop you from taking action, you have the choice to change those beliefs. It isn’t an easy process but one that you can do in small steps. Some of it has to do with the language that you use. If you find yourself using disempowering language like “I can’t” then more than you will make that the reality. Try changing your language to “I won’t” and then to “I will”. These are small steps but these words change the energy and how you feel towards the action that you want to take.

There are two very powerful points being made here. One has to do with the power of language, and the other with the power of choice. They converge around seemingly small words like can’t and won’t and will!

As you pay more attention to the words that you use, and to how you feel when you use them, you will be amazed to discover the power that you hold.  Consciously choosing the words that you use will fundamentally reframe your goals.

It’s important, as Paula Harvey suggests, to make this a step-by-step process for yourself.  Be sure you believe what you are saying – that’s key.

Take it slowly and use repetition to get comfortable with the new words you are choosing.  You need to let the language sink in and take hold.  As you assimilate this, you are creating a new base for yourself … and you can build from there!

What kinds of choices do you make about self talk and how is your energy affected? What do you notice when you change that for yourself? I’d love to hear!

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